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New Conformal Coatings Help U.S. Manufacturers Reduce VOC Emissions

Zamieszczone na 13/03/14
Dodatki: New Product, Eco-Friendly, Event, APEX Expo

As an ISO 14001 specialist chemicals manufacturer committed to innovation, safety and environmental responsibility, Electrolube has developed a new acrylic conformal coating, USTFA, for the American market to enable users to reduce their site’s VOC emissions. Over the past few years, U.S. Federal and State Agencies have been establishing limitations and regulations of VOC content found in thousands of chemical products. Electrolube’s USTFA conformal coating has been developed to assist U.S. manufacturers comply with these regulations by using federally approved, VOC-exempt solvents to improve operator safety and reduce environmental impact. Więcej informacji >

A Silver Conductive Adhesive For Compact Electronics Assemblies

Zamieszczone na 13/03/14
Dodatki: New Product, Event, Conference, APEX Expo

Electrolube, the leading supplier of formulated chemical products to the global electronic, industrial and domestic devices manufacturing sectors, will be launching a versatile new silver conductive adhesive at APEX Expo 2014 in Las Vegas (March 25-27). The product will be of particular interest to designers and manufacturers of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and liquid crystal monitors (LCMs) who seek to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. Więcej informacji >

Electrolube Debut New Thermal Management Solutions at LED Expo in India

Zamieszczone na 02/01/14
Dodatki: LED Expo, Press, Event, Conference

Electrolube, the complete solutions provider of electro-chemicals, will feature thermal management and coating solutions for LED manufacturers at the LED Expo held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India on the 19th-21st December. Electrolube’s optically clear silicone resin, SC3001, is specifically designed to meet a wide array of challenges facing the LED industry. Więcej informacji >