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Electrolube Hexane-Free Flux Remover for Safe, Efficient Cleaning

Zamieszczone na 03/10/13
Tags: New Product

The specialist chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has developed a new hexane-free flux remover for use during PCB manufacture. HFFR is a fast-drying cleaning solvent that eliminates the use of the hazardous material n-Hexane. Flux removers commonly consist of a blend of solvents, which can contain low levels of n-hexane, a solvent that has been identified as hazardous to human health; long term exposure can affect the peripheral nervous system. HFFR has been carefully formulated to eliminate low levels of n-Hexane, providing efficient removal of a wide range of flux residues from PCBs and leaves a perfectly clean, dry surface with no residue.

A significant proportion of potentially damaging flux residues and contaminants are not visible to the naked eye or even with the aid of magnification. Therefore the purpose of cleaning is to remove such residues and improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage, which leads to PCB failure. As modern and future electronics become smaller, the requirement for high performance and reliability is stronger than ever before, however, many manufacturers are turning to ‘no clean’ processes, implying that cleaning is not required after soldering.

In the ‘no clean’ process the solids content of the flux is lower than traditional types, however they still contain rosin and activator which are not removed prior to the next process, such as coating or encapsulation of the PCB. Such residues are collected, along with any other unwanted elements, exhibiting the ability to cause issues with adhesion and thus reduce the performance of the protecting media applied. As such, cleaning is still an essential multi-stage process within the electronics industry.

HFFR offers the latest advancements in solvent-based cleaning technologies, whilst addressing concerns regarding operator safety when using chemical products. HFFR is available in a convenient 400ml aerosol form with an integral brush or in 5 litre bulk containers.